About JanOS


This page lists available builds of JanOS. At the moment we have builds available for GeeksPhone Keon and Peak, and the Flame. For information how to build for other devices, see the device list page. The images come with a set of examples which you can try out after flashing.

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Flashing instructions


All good?

  1. Download the build for your device
  2. Install adb and fastboot
  3. Unzip the build, and run flash.sh or flash.bat
  4. Wait until the JanOS logo appears



Before flashing, make sure you upgraded to base image v180 or higher. Instructions are provided by Mozilla. Failure to do so might brick your device.

GeeksPhone Keon

This build comes with kernel support for 2 GPIO pins, accessible from /sys/devices/platform/gonzo-sysfs. The volume buttons have been disabled.

GeeksPhone Peak

Does not come with kernel support for GPIO ports yet.

Raspberry Pi

Highly experimental, but has support for GPIO ports. Please follow these instructions to flash the build.

ZTE Open C

This is not a full build, so no kernel changes.